Nature and its beauty play an integral part in why we indulge in travel adventures. But we're losing nature at an alarming rate. If we lose nature, we're not only losing incredible travel experiences - we'd be losing the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

This World Tourism Day, we're challenging you to make simple changes in the way you travel and reduce your impact on the planet in the process.

Ready to take on the challenge? Read on.

How to participate


1.  Pick one or more of the challenges below (or create your own swap 💪). Feel free to start with smaller swaps before working your way up!

2.  Share your experience! Write about it, vlog about it, or share a quick photo or video. 📷📝 

3.  Tag us on social (@WWF) and use our hashtag #SustainableSwaps. We may just feature you on our official WWF pages! 👀

4.  Tag 3 friends and challenge them to take on one of the #SustainableSwaps the next time they travel! 👨‍👩‍👦.  Share this page so they can learn more about       the different swaps.

5.  Repeat 😉. Completed all the challenges? Be sure to check out our other sustainable travel tips to become a full-fledged responsible traveler!

Swap from using the disposable plastic toothbrushes that hotels provide, to carrying your own bamboo toothbrush.


Swap your disposable takeaway cup or plastic bottle… to your own reusable cup and bottle. Most destinations have cafes that offer discounts if you bring your own cup and multiple water refill stations.


Swap the car or public transport, walking or cycling. You may stumble across offbeat hidden gems you might have otherwise missed.


Swap your bottled toiletries like shampoo and conditioner... to solid bar versions.swap5

Swap your usual a sustainable hotel, eco-lodge or homestay.

Swap purchasing new maps, brochures and guides... to borrowing used ones. Refuse, return, recycle or donate the ones you received on your travels.



Swap meals at global restaurant chains… to local food market or home-cooked experiences.


Swap single-use plastic items with reusable items like reusable cloth bags, cutlery and containers.


Swap disposable female hygiene products… for reusable ones like menstrual cups and reusable pantyliners.


When washing your clothes, swap traditional laundry powder… to a biodegradable version. Here's one way you can make your own eco-friendly detergent.



Swap buying new clothes for every trip to buying travel gear that will last longer. Remember to buy from brands that have ethical practices.


Swap from paper to mobile. E-tickets are now acceptable almost everywhere and why not take a photo or screenshot of a map rather than printing one out?


Tell us about your own #SustainableSwaps! 😀Upload images or videos using the hashtag and tag us (@WWF) to be featured on our channels.


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